Online Natural Pharmacies

For your ordering convenience below are some natural pharmacies endorsed by Dr. Wilson.

Metagenics Online Store

Metagenics is where you can order the supplements you see in the office.

Wellevate Dispensary

Formerly Emerson Ecologics - Natural Supplements

Upgraded Self™

Supplements and gadgets recommended by the Bulletproof® Executive.

Healthy Living Shop

Online Natural Pharmacy


Educational Links

We have included a list of links for better health and education. Please take the time to check out these valuable resources!

Consumer Lab

Independent testing of health and nutritional products

Safe Produce

Find out which foods have the highest pesticide residue.

Family History

Document everything you know about your family medical history

Vitamin D Information

Everything you need to know about Vitamin D

The Bulletproof® Executive

Upgraded clean Paleo Diet

Safe Cosmetics

The campaign for safe cosmetics!

Chris Kresser

Info from a leader in functional medicine